PhpStorm 2023.3 Help

Create New Project: Specify Web Path (Local)

File | New Project From Existing Files | Web server is installed locally, source files are located under its document root

The page opens when you click Next on the Create New Project: Specify Local Server or on the Create New Project: Add Local Server page. On this page, compose the Web path to access the project root directory via HTTP.



Web path for project root

In this field, specify the path to the selected project directory relative to the URL of the server configuration root URL ( The server configuration root is the highest folder in the file tree on the local or remote server accessible through the server configuration. For in-place servers, it is the project root. ).

Project URL

This read-only field shows the full URL address at which the project root directory will be available. By default, the field is filled in with the name of the selected project root directory. PhpStorm dynamically constructs the full URL address as you type the relative path in the Web path for project root field.

Last modified: 20 February 2024