PhpStorm 2024.1 Help

Full Line code completion

The Full Line code completion feature uses a locally run deep learning model to suggest entire lines of code.

Suggestions are displayed in the editor in gray italics as you type PHP, JavaScript/TypeScript, or CSS code. To accept the suggestion, press Tab.

Full line completion

The IDE formats all suggestions and adds required brackets and quotes.

Each supported language has its own set of suggested code checks. The most basic ones, like unresolved reference checks, are available for most of the languages to guarantee that the IDE doesn't suggest non-existent variables and methods.

Full Line completion supports auto-import and uses smart filtering to avoid showing suggestions that tend to be canceled explicitly or deleted right after they were accepted.

Before you start working with Full Line code completion, note that:

  • Full Line code completion is currently not supported in Remote Development.

  • Full Line code completion requires a computer with a 64-bit processor or an x86 processor that supports AVX2.

Enable Full Line completion

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+S to open the IDE settings and select Editor | General | Code Completion.

  2. In the Machine Learning-Assisted Completion section, select Enable Full Line suggestions and select the languages that you want to use Full Line completion with.

    Models for PHP are bundled with PhpStorm.

    For CSS and JavaScript / TypeScript, you need to manually download models by clicking Download Model to enable completion.

    Enabling full line code completion

Full Line completion runs locally using the models that are downloaded to your computer. You can choose the way with which these models are updated from the Download models drop-down list. You can update the models automatically, manually, or confirm every update in a notification.

Configure Full Line completion

You can change the default inline completion shortcut.

  1. Hover over the suggestion.

  2. In the popup that appears, click and select the key that you want to use for accepting suggestions, for example, Right.

    To assign your own shortcut, select Custom.

    Full line code completion popup
  3. For quick access to the Full Line completion settings, click in the popup.

Last modified: 13 May 2024