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Code Inspection: Deprecated 'assertContains/assertNotContains' usage

Reports the deprecated assertContains() and assertNotContains() calls with the string $needle and $ignoreCase arguments.

The string $needle and optional boolean $ignoreCase parameters of the assertContains() and assertNotContains() functions are deprecated and removed in PHPUnit 9. For assertions that operate on strings, the specific assertStringContainsString(), assertStringContainsStringIgnoringCase(), assertStringNotContainsString(), and assertStringNotContainsStringIgnoringCase() methods should be used.

See Usage of the assertEquals function ( for details.

In the following example, the deprecated assertContains()/assertNotContains() calls are used for asserting whether $needle is contained in $haystack. After the quick-fix is applied, the more specific assertStringContainsString() and assertStringNotContainsString() calls are used instead.

class Test extends TestCase { public function doTest() { $needle = 'value'; $haystack = 'source_string'; $this->assertContains($needle, $haystack); $this->assertNotContains($needle, $haystack); } }
use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase; class Test extends TestCase { public function doTest() { $needle = 'value'; $haystack = 'source_string'; $this->assertStringContainsString($needle, $haystack); $this->assertStringNotContainsString($needle, $haystack); } }

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Last modified: 11 February 2024