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Smart Keys settings: SQL

Use this settings page to configure typing assistance features in SQL.

For more information about SQL support in PhpStorm, see Database Tools and SQL.



Insert string concatenation on Enter

You may want to turn this option off, if the DBMS you are working with supports multiline string literals:

Say, there is the following fragment for PostgreSQL text value notes:

SET notes = 'Lightest element'

and the caret is in front of the word element.

If the option is on, and you press Enter, the fragment will change to:

SET notes = 'Lightest ' || 'element'

Otherwise, the fragment will change to:

SET notes = 'Lightest element'

Close code blocks on Enter

When you start a code block with an opening keyword (BEGIN, LOOP, BEGIN TRY, and others) and press Enter, the code block closes with the corresponding closing keywords (END, END LOOP, END TRY, and others).

Close code blocks on Enter

Qualify object on code completion

The selected option defines how the name of an object is inserted in the editor when using the code completion suggestion box.

  • Always: the qualified object names are always used, for example <schema_name>.<object_name>.

  • On collisions: the qualified object name is used only if the short name is ambiguous, for example, when there is the object with the same name in more than one schema.

  • Never: the unqualified object names are always used.

Last modified: 17 June 2024