PhpStorm 2024.1 Help


PhpStorm's support for the Symfony web application framework includes:

Symfony code completion and navigation

Code completion and code navigation for Service Containers, Doctrine, translations, routes, forms, and events. Code completion for Symfony and Twig templates. Navigation through a Symfony project.

Live templates for Symfony components

Live templates are code snippets for the frequently used code constructs that PhpStorm inserts automatically as you type a corresponding template name.

Checking code against the Symfony code style

Set the Symfony2 code style and use PHP_CodeSniffer to check code against the Symfony coding standards.

Using the Symfony command line tool from PhpStorm

Run Symfony commands from PhpStorm using the Run Anything action and debug the controller classes corresponding to the selected commands.

Twig templates support

Language injection in Twig templates. Customization of the Twig syntax. Debugging Twig templates.

Last modified: 25 March 2024