PhpStorm 2021.2 Help

TextMate Bundles

Use this page to import the TextMate/SublimeText 2 bundles, and to map color scheme of PhpStorm to that of TextMate.

TextMate Bundles

This table of added bundles consists of the following columns:

  • Checkbox: If a checkbox to the left of the added bundle name is selected, the bundle provides highlighting in the files of the corresponding type.

  • Name of the TextMate Bundle

  • Bundle location: for each added TextMate bundle, its location is shown.

the Add buttonClick this button to locate the desired bundle using the Select Path dialog. When added, the bundle appears in the table of TextMate Bundles.
the Remove buttonClick this button to remove the selected bundle. The bundle is removed from the list, but is not physically deleted from the computer.
Last modified: 27 August 2021