PhpStorm 2019.3 Help

Viewing Structure of a Source File

You can examine the structure of the file currently opened in the editor using the Structure tool window Alt+7 or the Structure popup Ctrl+F12.

By default, PhpStorm shows all classes, methods, and other elements of the current file. To toggle the elements you want to show, click the corresponding buttons on the Structure tool window toolbar. For example:

  • Click The Show Fields button to show class fields.

  • Click The Show Constants button to show constants.

  • Click The Show Inherited button to show inherited members.

  • Click The Show Included Files button to show included files.

  • Click The Show Lambdas button to show lambdas.

Structure tool window

Show class members in the Project tool window

  • Right-click the Project tool window title bar and select Show members from the context menu.

    Show class members in the Project tool window
Last modified: 27 March 2020