dotTrace 10.1 Help

Starting Recent Profiling Session

Another convenient and quick way to start profiling is to use one of the recent profiling configurations.

To start profiling with recently used configuration:

  1. Choose the Recent | Launches tab.
    For the convenience, the list of recent launches is also grouped by profiled applications. Thus, alternatively, you can choose a particular application name in the Recent tab.
  2. In the central panel find the required profiling configuration and click the corresponding Run button.

Filtering Recently Used Configurations

To simplify finding a particular profiling configuration, you can use configuration filters. They allow you to narrow the list of configurations leaving only the ones that match filter criteria. For example, you can leave only configurations that used the Sampling profiling type or the ones that were controlled by the API.


To add a filter:

  1. In the list of configurations, find a configuration that contains a desired profiling parameter (which you want to use as a filter).
  2. Click on this parameter. After this, the corresponding filter will be applied.

To remove a filter:

  1. In the list of filters on the top of the page, find a filter you want to remove.
  2. Click the corresponding X button.
Last modified: 10 March 2016