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Threads filter is used to display thread activity as well as apply filter by a particular thread. The filter displays top five threads with the largest time value (applied filters are taken into account).

Note that unlike the Threads Diagram in the standalone Timeline Viewer, Threads filter does not allow selecting multiple threads.


pos_1 ID and type
Thread ID and thread type (or thread name* if a thread has a name).

dotTrace distinguishes the following thread types:

  • Main
    The thread that starts the application.
  • Thread Pool
    A thread created by the CLR Thread Pool.
  • CLR Worker
    A worker thread created by CLR.
  • Garbage Collection
    A thread that performs background garbage collection.
  • Finalizer
    A thread that performs object finalization.
  • Native
    An unmanaged system thread.

pos_2 ms / MB / events
Filtered time / allocated memory / number of events. For example, if time is selected for analysis and no other filters are applied, this will be the entire thread lifetime. If, for instance, you select Waiting in the Thread State filter, this time will be a sum of all thread's Waiting time intervals.

pos_3 %
The percentage of the filtered time / allocated memory / number of events relative to all selected time intervals / allocated memory / number of events.

Selecting Threads

To select a thread:

  1. Click on the Threads list.
  2. In the list of threads, click on the desired thread.

To select a number of threads:

  1. Open the Threads tool window as described below in this section.
  2. In the list of threads, check the desired threads using the corresponding checkboxes on the left.

After you select a thread, the filter by this thread will be applied. All other filters will show data only for the selected threads.

Use this to analyze only specific threads.

Threads Tool Window

The Threads filter shows only top five threads sorted by filtered time value. To view all threads in the profiled application, open the Threads tool window. The window shows the same thread data as the Threads filter but in addition, allows finding threads by name or ID as well as selecting multiple threads as a filter.


To open the Threads window:

  • Click ThemedIcon.DatailsTableOpen.Screen.[Gray] Show More... in the Threads filter.

As well as the Threads filter, the Threads window also can work as a filter by a thread.

To apply the filter by a particular thread:

  • Do one of the following:
    • Double-click on the desired thread.
    • Select the desired thread and press Enter
    • In the context menu of the desired thread, choose Select And Clear Others.

To copy thread data to the clipboard:

  • In the context menu of the desired thread, choose Copy To Clipboard.

To find a particular thread by name or ID:

  • In the search text box located on top of the Threads window, start typing the name or ID of the thread you are looking for. As you type, the list of threads narrows down, suggesting the ones that match the entered string.
Last modified: 10 March 2016