dotTrace 2016.2 Help

Top Methods

Top Methods shows the list of methods from all selected threads sorted by execution time.

Use Top Methods in conjunction with other filters to determine top methods by a certain condition. For example, to see top methods by file operations time, select the File I/O event in Interval Filters.


pos_1 The percentage of call execution time relative to the total selected time.

pos_2 Full method name.

pos_3 Call execution time. See the details on how this time is calculated below.

If you double click on a method or select it in the list and press Enter, Call Tree will show all method occurrences with their subtrees. This will also apply a filter by method occurrences.

How Call Time Is Calculated

Call execution time is calculated as a sum of own method's time and times of all system methods it calls (down to the next user method in the stack). If there are no user methods on the selected time interval, Top Methods will display top system methods. For better understanding, consider the example.


Top Methods calculates time as follows:

UserMethod1 = A + C + E + F + H
UserMethod2 = B + D + G + I

Last modified: 15 December 2016