dotTrace 2017.3 Help

Web Applications Using Development Server

Web Applications are running on a WebDev Server during development.

In order to profile this kind of application, you should specify the following parameters:

  • Physical path
    Full path to the root folder of the web application.
  • Open URL
    URL to invoke the web application.
  • in browser
    A browser that should run the application. The default system browser is pre-selected.

If Advanced is selected, you are able to additionally specify the following parameters:

  • Server
    Full path to the WebDev Server. Typically, dotTrace automatically detects this parameter.
  • Virtual Path
    The virtual path to start the application.
  • Port
    The HTTP port used by the server. By default, 80.
  • AutoDetect
    If turned on, dotTrace will automatically try to detect the HTTP port.
Last modified: 16 April 2018