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The Properties dialog helps you examine a chosen function. You can find out what assembly contains this function, how much time it took to execute the function and all other functions that were called from it. You can study metrics concerning current place in the tree view or the whole tab or the whole snapshot.

Item Description
Number of calls Number of calls of the chosen function.
Time Execution time of the chosen function plus all time taken by functions called by this function. The percentage of time spent in this call related to time spent in all calls in the parentheses.
Own time Own execution time of the chosen function. The percentage of own time spent in this call related to overall time spent in this call in the parentheses.
Average time Average execution time of the chosen function.
Adjust Time Click this button to open the Adjust Time dialog.
Annotation Enter annotation for the current method.

If you open a function in a new tab, the Properties will contain three columns.

If you are studying a comparison snapshot, then all information is divided in three logical scopes. Metrics of each function from one snapshot, metrics of each function from another one and difference between them.

Last modified: 16 April 2018

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