dotTrace 2020.1 Help

Web Applications Using IIS Express

To profile a web Application running on IIS Express, you should specify the following options:

  • Configuration file
    Run IIS Express using the default configuration file. The default file locations depend on which IDE you use:

    • JetBrains Rider: (solutionDir)\.idea\config\applicationhost.config

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and later: (solutionDir)\.vs\config\applicationhost.config

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and earlier: %USERPROFILE%Documents\IISExpress\config\applicationhost.config

    If you select this option, you must also specify which web Site from the configuration file to run.

  • Application path
    Do not use the configuration file but run another application. Specify the full path to the application here.

  • Open URL
    URL to invoke the web application.

  • in browser
    A browser that should run the application. The default system browser is pre-selected.

  • Use environment variables
    Enables you to run the profiled application with specific environment variables. You can specify any number of variables using the list below the option. Note that each variable must be specified on a new line.

If Advanced is selected, you are able to additionally specify the following parameters:

  • Server
    The version of IIS Express that should run the application. Depending on your operating system and installed .NET framework versions, this list will yield different options.

  • Runtime version
    .NET Framework version under which a profiled application must be run.

  • Port
    The HTTP port used by the server.

  • Use random port
    If turned on, dotTrace will try to automatically detect the HTTP port.

Last modified: 14 July 2020