dotTrace 2020.2 Help

Profile XBAP Application

XBAP combines features of both a Web application and a rich-client application. Such application can be deployed to a Web server and started from Internet Explorer. Despite the complex deployment scheme, using dotTrace you still can profile them.

To profile XBAP application

  1. Set Internet Explorer as the default browser on your local computer.

  2. Open a solution in Visual Studio.

  3. In the Solution Explorer window, right-click the startup project, then click Properties. The Properties window opens.

  4. Click the Debug tab, then click Start external program. Enter the full path to the PresentationHost.exe file, or click the ellipsis button to open the Select File dialog and browse to the file.

  5. In the main menu, click ReSharper | Profile | Run Startup Configuration Performance Profiling....

  6. Optionally, change the default settings in the Profiler Configuration dialog.

  7. Click Run. Your XBAP application will be opened in Internet Explorer and you will be able to collect snapshots.

  8. Collect profiling data (snapshots). For more details on how to control profiling session, refer to Control Profiling Session (if you control the session manually) or to Control Profiling Session with API (if you control profiling using the API).

  9. After you collect the data, detach the profiler using the Detach button of the Controller window. If you use the API to control profiling, detaching must be provided by your code.

  10. Analyze the collected snapshots either in the Performance Viewer or Timeline Viewer (depends on the profiling type you select).

Last modified: 08 May 2020