dotTrace 2020.2 Help

.NET Processes

.NET Process type of profiling allows you to profile any managed application that is started after clicking Run.

If Advanced is selected, you are able to additionally specify the following parameters:

  • Profile only specified .NET processes
    A semicolon-separated list of filter masks. dotTrace will attach only to a process which name matches the mask.

    Important notes:

    • There can be only "include" masks. Therefore, any filter mask you add means "profile anything that matches this mask".

    • You must specify process names including the .exe extension.

    • The asterisk * wildcard is supported.

    For example, to profile all processes that end with service, add the *service.exe filter.

  • Use environment variables
    Enables you to run the profiled application with specific environment variables. You can specify any number of variables using the list below the option. Note that each variable must be specified on a new line.

After you click Run, dotTrace is ready to hook into any managed application that is launched.

Last modified: 08 May 2020