dotTrace 2020.3 Help

Auto-Delete Snapshots

You can automate the cleanup of your snapshot files using the dotTrace auto-deletion feature. dotTrace will automatically delete snapshot files that were not opened* a certain amount of days.

To enable snapshot files auto-deletion

  1. In dotTrace Home, choose the Preferences tab.

  2. In the Auto-Delete Snapshots section, select one of the following options:
    • Ask for confirmation (default) - dotTrace will show the confirmation dialog on start-up. Snapshots will be deleted only after you click Delete in the dialog.

    • Delete without confirmation- snapshots will be deleted without confirmation prompt.

    • Disable auto-deletion- dotTrace will not auto-delete snapshots.

  3. In the Auto-delete snapshots that were not opened in last [ ] days, specify how many days snapshots must not be opened to qualify for auto-deletion.

Note that to prevent deleting a particular profiling configuration from the Recent list, dotTrace will never delete the last snapshot taken under this configuration.

Last modified: 08 March 2021