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Line-by-line profiling is rather good and effective but time-consuming. To somehow minimize the amount of required time, you can define some rules. According to them not all functions are profiled line by line but only those that are really interesting for further investigation.

So you can create and set a filter or filters that match only the functions you need.

To create a new filter
  1. Click Add in the Line-by-line Filters dialog box.
    For more information about the dialog box, see Dialog Boxes: Line-by-line Filters.
  2. In the Add Line-by-line Filters dialog box, select the Active check box to make dotTrace take this filter into account.
  3. In the Type list, click:
    • Allow to specify that all functions that match the pattern should be profiled line by line.
    • Deny to specify that all functions that match the pattern should not be profiled line by line.
  4. Using the following text boxes you define a pattern that is used to filter out the functions for line-by-line profiling. In each text box you can type an expression with or without wildcards.
    • Assembly mask
    • Assembly version mask
    • Class mask
    • Function mask
  5. Click Add to save the pattern and add the filter to the list of filters.

At any time you can modify the pattern defined for a filter and vary what filters to apply from session to session.

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