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Sometimes you notice that your application starts running slow for an unknown reason. It is reasonable to profile the application in its current state without restarting the whole process. dotTrace allows you to attach to any running .NET process and profile it.

To attach to a .NET process
  1. Start dotTrace as a standalone application.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • On the menu bar, choose File | Profile. The Profile dialog box opens. Select Attach to Process, then click OK or just double-click Attach to Process.
    • Click Attach to Process on the Home tab.
    The Profiler Configuration dialog box opens. For more information, see Profiler Configuration.
  3. By default, your application is profiled on the local computer. If you want to start profiling on a remote computer, do one of the following:
    • Click Profile on remote computer to specify a remote agent url and thereby define what remote agent to use.
    • Select a remote host in the Host drop-down list and click it.
    For more information, see Profiling Remote Applications.
  4. Click a process to be profiled in the Processes list. Only processes running on .NET Framework 4.0 or higher are displayed and available to attach.


    If a process you are looking for is missing, click Refresh to update the list of processes or restart dotTrace Performance as administrator to see more processes running in the system.
  5. Specify which method you want to use for time measurement by selecting an item in the Measure drop-down list. For more information, see Choosing the Right Time Measurement Method.
  6. If the Start profiling immediately check box is selected, dotTrace Performance starts gathering performance data immediately after you click Run and close the current dialog. Otherwise, dotTrace Performance waits until you press Start Profiling in the dotTrace Performance Controller window. For more information, see Launching and Controlling the Profiling Process.
  7. Optionally, click the arrow to display and configure additional settings, such as Merge threads with equal names and Use profiler API.
    • Select the Merge threads with equals names check-box and as a result get the performance information for all threads with the same name under a single thread node in Call Tree and Threads Tree views.
    • Select the Use profiler API check box to allow you to control profiling directly from the code of the profiled application. For more information, see Advanced Profiling Using dotTrace API.
  8. Click Run.

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