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Using dotTrace Performance you can:

  • locate slowest-running parts in your code
  • identify performance bottlenecks down to any particular function
  • focus on a function to see what makes it consume CPU time
  • untangle complex recursive calls
  • compare function timings before and after optimization

The process of identifying bottlenecks in your application consists of two steps:

  1. Profiling your application
  2. Analysing profiling results

During profiling dotTrace measures the execution time of particular operations in the profiled application and saves this information in a snapshot.

The more accurate profiling settings are, the easier it is for you to find bottlenecks. Thus it is very important to choose the right profiling mode, profiling target and time measurement method.

In this section you will also learn how to launch and control the profiling process and how to profile different kinds of applications. If you're a profiling guru, you might be interested to take a look at dotTrace API.

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