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You can control the profiling process using:

After you configure profiling settings and click Run in the Profiler Configuration dialog box, the dotTrace Performance Controller window opens.
The Process drop-down list contains two processes, where dotTrace.exe is a parent process, and JetBrains.dotTrace.ExternalLauncherProcess.exe is a child process. You can choose and profile any of them.

If the application you want to profile launches several processes and you select the Profile child processes check box in the Profiler Configuration dialog box, then you get several items in the drop-down list.

CLR versions vary depending on the kind of application being profiled. Smart Device and Silverlight applications use their own CLRs. All other kinds of applications use Desktop CLR. Each CLR kind has its own version numbering.

Using the dotTrace Performance Controller window, you can:

  • ico_StartProfiling Start Profiling - Click this button to start profiling whenever you want or need. It is displayed in the dotTrace Performance Controller window if the Start profiling immediately check box hasn't been selected in the Profiler Configuration dialog box or after you have clicked Get Snapshot.
  • ico_StopSave Get Snapshot - Click to make dotTrace Performance stop taking measurements and generates a snapshot.
  • ico_StopDrop Drop Snapshot - Click to discard collected data and stop the profiling process.
  • ico_Terminate Detach from Process - Click to detach dotTrace Performance from the process being profiled, but keep the process running.
  • ico_Terminate Kill Process - Click to kill the process being profiled. When you click Kill Process, no snapshot is produced. When you close the application manually, a snapshot is created.
  • ico_Terminate Stop Service - Click to stop a service. This button is displayed only when a Windows service is being profiled.

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