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To start profiling your application line-by-line dotTrace requires symbol information that is stored in PDB files. Using the Edit Symbol Search Policy dialog box you can specify the path to files explicitly or specify locations where they are supposed to be.

Item Description
Search Path Enter a path to PDB files. Use semicolons to separate symbol paths.
Query registry for symbol search paths Select this check box to look through the registry and try to find paths to PDB files.
Access symbol server Select this check box to allow dotTrace Performance to access symbol servers, find PDB files and download them.


dotTrace Performance obtains debugging information from symbol servers specified in _NT_SYMBOL_PATH and _NT_ALT_SYMBOL_PATH variables.
Search the path specified in the Debug folder Select this check box to look for PDB files in the 'Debug' directory of the profiled application.
Search for the PDB in the application startup folder Select this check box to look for PDB files in the same directory where an executable file of the profiled application is located.

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