dotTrace Web Help

Key or Key Combination Description
Ctrl+O Open the Open dialog box so that you can select and open one of existing snapshots
Ctrl+S Save current snapshot
Ctrl+T Open selected node in a new tab
Ctrl+Shift+T Open selected node in a new tab; if there are several occurrences of a function in the current tab, they are merged
Ctrl+Alt+T Open all public members of the current class
Ctrl+F4 Close active tab
Ctrl+Alt+C Switch to the Call Tree view
Ctrl+Alt+P Switch to the Plain List view
Ctrl+Alt+H Switch to the Hot Spots view
Ctrl+Alt+B Switch to the Back Traces view
Alt+F2 Display the View Code view
Ctrl+C Copy function signature to the clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy subtree to the clipboard
Ctrl+Tab Go to next tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Go to previous tab
Ctrl+Right Go to next unfiltered function call ("next my code call")
Ctrl+Left Go to previous unfiltered function call ("previous my code call")
Ctrl+Shift+Right Go to next important call
Ctrl+Shift+Left Go to previous important call
Ctrl+Down Go to next sibling
Ctrl+Up Go to previous sibling
Ctrl+Home Go to subtree root
Ctrl+F Display the search field so that you can find a type or a function
F3 Start search for the selected function or go to next function occurrence
Shift+F3 Go to previous function occurrence
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Go to next non-recursive function occurrence
Esc Remove highlighting and navigation bar
Ctrl+Space Toggle subtree folding
Del Optimize the current function occurrence
Shift+Del Optimize all instances of a function
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Del Restore original values
Ctrl+Alt+Space Collapse or expand callees (available in Plain List)
Ctrl+Q Display the Properties dialog box that contains information about the selected function
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+K Set a new bookmark
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+N Navigate to next bookmark
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+P Navigate to previous bookmark
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+W Open the Bookmarks dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L Show log
Alt+F4 Exit