dotTrace Web Help

Home Tab

When you open dotTrace you see the Home tab first. This tab displays the list of recently profiled applications and recently opened snapshots, also there are several links to demos on JetBrains TV. Let's concentrate on the information in the Recently Profiled list:

  1. The type of the recently profiled application.
  2. Executable file name of the recently profiled application.
  3. Common profiling settings.
  4. Profiling settings for the current profiling session
  5. Click Launch to start a new profiling session with the same settings. Click the ellipses to open the Profiler Configuration dialog box and investigate or change the earlier defined settings.
  6. All saved snapshots that were gathered during the profiling session
  7. Click to remove the line from the list of recently profiled applications

If there are two files with identical names and different paths, then instead of the file name the full path is displayed.


  1. Snapshot name.
  2. The path where the corresponding snapshot is located.
  3. Click to remove the item from the list of recent snapshots.
A snapshot name is displayed in grey, if dotTrace can't find the corresponding snapshot at the specified directory.

Click a link to watch the desired demo.

All Calls Tab

When you open a snapshot the All Calls tab automatically opens. It contains the full information about the profiling process, all call stacks and call chains.

Other Tabs

There are two kind of tabs left:

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