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Back Traces

The Back Traces view allows you to see which functions called a particular function and how much time each call path contributed. Each path can be examined from the bottom up. This gives you an opportunity to look at the situation from the other side.

This view is available only if you open a function in a new tab. And if you merge all calls, it allows you to find call stacks where the function of interest spends most of time.

You are interested in op_Addition function call, for example, and you want to follow the call path from the thread node to the current function call. You can navigate down the tree until you reach this function, but you will probably observe other nodes that are actually useless for your research. And as a result you may also not find paths which are important to optimise.


In order to avoid that, choose the Back Traces view and focus on the desired execution paths.


If the root function was called in different call stacks, dotTrace Performance displays the contribution of the root function to time and number of calls in each call stack.


  1. The percentage of time spent by the op_Addition function in this call stack relative to root function time in the current tab.
  2. Short name of the called function.
  3. Contribution of the op_Addition function in this call stack to root function time.
  4. Contribution of the op_Addition function in this call stack to the number of root function calls.
  5. Full name of the called function.


    Namespace presentation style can be configured in the Options dialog box. For more information, see dotTrace Options: View.

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