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Call Tree

The Call Tree view is a representation of all function calls in all threads. Each top-level node represents a top-level function which was executed by a certain thread. Each node corresponds to a function call and contains metrics gathered during profiling.

This view lets you:

  • Quickly get down to actual application activity.
  • Look through the execution path of the process or a function.
  • Find and examine critical paths.
  • For each function call, view the percentage relative to total running time of all threads.

The view appearance depends on the current filter settings.


Each node of the Call Tree view contains the following information:


  1. The percentage of time spent in this call relative to time spent in the root function in the current tab.
  2. Short name of the called function.
  3. Total time spent in this function and its subtree.


    If total time is marked with an asterisk (*), it means that a function had started before dotTrace started taking measurements and/or finished after dotTrace had stopped taking measurements.
  4. Number of calls made in this call stack.
  5. Full name of the called function.


    Namespace presentation style can be configured in the Options dialog box. For more information, see dotTrace Options: View.

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