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Line-by-line profiling is a labour-intensive and resource-consuming process, and you normally only profile selected functions that way. dotTrace Performance allows you to mark such functions in the current snapshot in order to easily discover them in a new one.

This Working_with_Profiling_Results__Line-by-line_Profiling__Injected_Planned icon is used to mark functions that are scheduled for line-by-line profiling.

This Working_with_Profiling_Results__Line-by-line_Profiling__Injected icon is displayed in a new snapshot alongside recently profiled functions.

To profile a function or a class of functions line by line
  1. Select a function in any view.
  2. On the menu bar, choose Edit | Line-by-Line Profiling | Add Function or Edit | Line-by-Line Profiling | Add Class. Alternatively, right-click the function, then choose Line-by-line Profiling | Add Function or Line-by-line Profiling | Add Class on the context menu.
  3. A notification bar appears:
  4. Click Profile Application with Modified Settings to start profiling.

You can click some functions to open the Edit Line-by-line Filters dialog box where you can look through the list of functions and classes that are scheduled for line-by-line profiling.

If necessary, you can clear this list by clicking Clear Selection, or remove a particular item from the list in the Edit Line-by-line Filters dialog box by selecting it and clicking Remove.

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