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View Code

View Code is a view where source code is shown. When you select a function in the Call Tree view, the appropriate source file is opened and source code is displayed in View Code.

In order to preview source code, click Source Preview on the dotTrace Performance main toolbar and select where the view should be displayed (Bottom or Right). For more information, see Previewing Source Code.

In order to view source code in dotTrace Performance, you should specify the path to .pdb files or source files. For more information, see Configuring Path to Source Files.

Depending on the chosen profiling mode, View Code may look different. With line-by-line profiling, performance analysis is available for some functions in View Code. Such functions are marked with Working_with_Profiling_Results__Line-by-line_Profiling__Injected icon in Call Tree, Threads Tree and Back Traces views.


If a statement consists of several statements, each of them is displayed on a separate line and highlighted with a blue line. On the left side you can see numbers that indicate how many times a particular statement was invoked during line-by-line profiling.

If you make IL code visible, a grey block of IL code is displayed under each statement for the selected method.



If source code has been modified since you made a snapshot, a warning message appears in View Code.

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