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Controlling Profiling Session

After you configure profiling settings and click Run in the Home window, the dotTrace Controller window opens.


To manually control the profiling session, use the buttons on the dotTrace Controller window:

  • Start - Click this button to start collecting performance data. It is displayed in the dotTrace Controller window if the Start immediately check box was not selected in the profiling options.
  • Get Snapshot'n'Wait - Click to generate a snapshot and stop collecting performance data.
    In the button's drop down list there is one more option available:
    Get Snapshot'n'Start - Click to generate a snapshot and continue collecting performance data.
  • Drop - Click to discard collected data and stop collecting performance data.
  • Detach - Click to detach dotTrace from the profiled process, but keep the process running.
  • Kill All - Click to kill all profiled processes. When you click Kill All, no snapshot is generated. When you close the application manually, a snapshot is created.
  • Stop Service - Click to stop a service. This button is displayed only when a Windows service is being profiled.

Profiling a Particular Application's Process

If your application runs more than one process, you can select any of the processes for profiling using the Processes page. The page show process names (the Process column), PID, and a number of snapshots taken for each process (the #Snapshots column). The currently profiled process is marked with * in the Now column.


To profile a particular process:

  1. Expand the dotTrace Controller window by clicking the Controlling_Profiling_Session_4 button.
  2. Click the Processes tab.
  3. Select the process you want to profile with double click.

Viewing Real Time Application Activity

To access additional functionality of the dotTrace Controller window, expand it by clicking the Controlling_Profiling_Session_4 button.

The Realtime Data page provides an overview of application activity showing CPU activity and memory consumption graphs.


Viewing Profiling Errors

The Errors page contains the list of errors that occur during profiling.

Last modified: 5 December 2014
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