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dotTrace 6.0

  • A completely new Timeline Profiling method that collects temporal call stack and thread state data about your application.
  • Redesigned UI. Now, dotTrace interface consists of the three main components: dotTrace Home window, Performance Viewer, Timeline Viewer.
  • Profiling sessions are configured and started in a new dotTrace Home window.
  • More flexible subsystems. You can specify how the subsystem time should be handled: should it be shown separately, included into calling subsystems time, or not taken into account at all.
  • Filtering of child processes. You can specify what child processes of an application should not be profiled.

dotTrace 5.5

  • A new convenient way to search for bottlenecks via the Subsystems view
  • Bookmarks for quick navigation between points of interest in a snapshot
  • Improved filters
  • Redesigned Overview
  • Improvements in performance

dotTrace 5.3

dotTrace 5.0

dotTrace 4.5

dotTrace 4.0

Last modified: 5 December 2014
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