dotTrace 2022.2 Help

Profile Running Process

To profile an already running process

  1. Run dotTrace as a standalone application. The dotTrace Home window will open.

  2. Under Choose what you want to profile, Running Process, select the process you are going to profile. If the process you are looking for is missing, click Show All Processes to grant dotTrace administrative permissions.

  3. Under Choose how you want to profile it, specify profiling options:

  4. If you want dotTrace to start collecting profiling data right after you start the session, under Run profiling, select Collect profiling data from start.

  5. Click Start. This will start the profiling session.

  6. Go through a particular workflow in your application (if you want to evaluate its performance) or reproduce a particular performance issue. Collect snapshots using the Get Snapshot button in the profiling controller window. Learn more about how to control the profiling session

  7. After you collect the data, either close the profiled application or detach the profiler using the Detach button in the controller window.

  8. Analyze the collected snapshots using either the Performance Viewer or Timeline Viewer depending on the selected profiling type .

Last modified: 01 August 2022