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dotTrace options: dotTrace | Subsystems

By selecting or clearing the checkbox you enable or disable subsystem analysis and define whether to display subsystems distribution or not. Using controls on this page you can also define or redefine profiles and subsystems.

Enable subsystem analysis

Clear this checkbox if want to disable subsystem analysis and hide the Subsystems view.


List of profiles

Choose a profile and click its name to modify the set of subsystems that are enabled for this profile.

ThemedIcon.AddedParameter.Screen.(Gray).png Add new profile

Click to create a new profile.

ThemedIcon.EditorOptionsPage.Screen.(Gray).png Change profile name

Click to edit the name of the selected profile.

ThemedIcon.Delete.Screen.(Gray).png Remove current profile

Click to remove the selected profile.

Reset Defaults

Click to delete all user profiles and restore factory-default subsystems settings.


List of subsystems

For each subsystem the following information is displayed:

  • the state of the subsystem: active or inactive

  • its name and if it is active, the color defined for it

  • subsystem visibility options:

    • Show - the subsystem will be shown as a separate entry.

    • Join - subsystem's time will be calculated within calling subsystems. The subsystem will be shown separately only in case there are no subsystems to join with.

    • Hide - the subsystem will be hidden. Subsystem's time will be excluded from calculations.

  • rules defined for the subsystem

Choose a subsystem and double-click its name to open the dialog where you can define or redefine the rules for the chosen subsystem.

ThemedIcon.AddedParameter.Screen.(Gray).png Create new subsystem

Click to define a new subsystem, then choose how it should be created. Click Add empty subsystem to create a new subsystem or click Duplicate subsystem to create a copy of the selected subsystem

ThemedIcon.EditorOptionsPage.Screen.(Gray).png Change subsystem definition

Click to redefine the rules for the selected subsystem.

ThemedIcon.Merge.Screen.(Gray).png Merge several subsystems

Click to merge selected subsystems into one subsystem that contains all rules from the selected subsystems.

ThemedIcon.Delete.Screen.(Gray).png Remove subsystem definition

Click to remove the selected subsystem from the list of available subsystems.

ThemedIcon.Up.Screen.(Gray).png Move selected subsystem up

Click to move the selected subsystem up the order.

ThemedIcon.Down.Screen.(Gray).png Move selected subsystem down

Click to move the selected subsystem down the order.

Last modified: 11 February 2024