dotTrace 2021.2 Help

Keyboard Shortcuts

Call Tree

Key or Key CombinationDescription
Ctrl+SpaceToggle subtree folding
EnterNavigate to the method in code
Ctrl+EnterScope to the current method occurrence
Ctrl+Shift+EnterMerge and show all method occurrences
BackspaceIf Call Tree is focused on a particular method occurrence, this will return Call Tree to the previous state
Ctrl+CCopy method signature to clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy subtree to clipboard

Source Code

Key or Key CombinationDescription
Alt+Shift+SNavigate from a method declaration in the source code to Call Tree and apply a filter by all method occurrences.
Known issue in dotTrace 10.0.2: After installing dotTrace, the shortcut does not work until you reapply ReSharper's current keyboard scheme. To do this, in ReSharper | Options… | Environment | Keyboard, click the Apply Scheme button.
Last modified: 08 March 2021