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System Module Folding

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To simplify Call Tree analysis, dotTrace hides calls of functions that do not belong to user modules and assemblies. For example, the functions from the System, Microsoft, Unity, and other non-user namespaces. Such calls are greyed out in the Call Tree and you can fold such call chains to reduce the depth of the call tree. Also, you can mark any user function as a system one. In this case folding will be applied to it as well.

Item Description
Filter functions from following modules The list of modules and assemblies you want to apply folding to. By default there are a number of groups containing several modules. These modules can't be removed, but can be disabled.
Note that module is not equal to assembly. A module is a single file containing content that can be executed by CLR, while assembly is a set of code modules and other resources that implement a unit of functionality. Although, in most cases, assembly name is equal to a module name without extension, sometimes, assembly's functionality may be implemented in a number of modules.
Add Click this button to add a new module from one of available frameworks.
Remove Click this button to remove the selected module.
Last modified: 01 December 2020