dotTrace 2020.3 Help


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Using controls in the View tab you define how methods from the snapshot should be displayed in any view.

Item Description
Namespace presentation style This option helps you specify how namespaces should be displayed in any view. You can choose between three values:
  • "Company.Product.Component"

  • "C.P.C."

  • Do not show namespaces

Show original method interface Select this option to show original method interface.
Customize display This table displays defined formatting rules for some set of functions and presentations of them.
Add Click this button to define a new formatting rule.
Edit Click this button to edit the selected formatting rule.
Remove Click this button to remove the selected formatting rule.
Show vertical grid Select this option if you want to display the vertical grid that connects all nodes which have the same parent.
Shorten function signature in tabs Select this option if you want to omit the method parameters in a tab title.
Last modified: 08 May 2020