dotTrace 2024.1 Help

Subsystem Definition

Using the Subsystem Definition dialog you can either create a new subsystem or modify the existing one.


Enter a new name for the subsystem. This name is displayed in the list of subsystems on the Profiles page of the Options dialog.


Click to open the Select Color dialog. In the dialog, specify the color that should be associated with the subsystem.

Enable subsystem in current profile

If you select the checkbox, you make the subsystem active. This means that all rules defined for the subsystem are applied.


If selected, the subsystem will be shown as a separate entry.


If selected, subsystem's time will be calculated within calling subsystems. The subsystem will be shown separately only in case there are no subsystems to join with.


If selected, the subsystem will be hidden. Subsystem's time will be excluded from calculations..

Includes methods

The table contains a set of rules defined for the current subsystem. To define a new rule, you should specify at least one prefix.

In the first column, you can specify assembly name. Methods that are located in an assembly with given assembly name prefix will be taken into account.

In the second column, you can specify fully qualified name prefix if you want to narrow down the set of methods even more. A fully qualified name consists of a namespace name, a type name and a method name.


Click to add a new row to the bottom of the table.


Click to remove the whole row from the table.

Last modified: 11 February 2024