dotTrace 2023.2 Help


You can set unnamed bookmarks within your snapshot to mark an interesting or suspicious call stack.

To set a new bookmark

  1. Select a node in a call stack you want to mark.

  2. On the menu bar, choose Edit | Bookmarks | Toggle Bookmark or press Ctrl+K,Ctrl+K.

Each time you do that, a new blue icon appears at the left side of the view.

Studying profiling results bookmarks

To navigate to a bookmark

  1. To navigate to the next bookmark, on the menu bar choose Edit | Bookmarks | Go to Next Bookmark or press Ctrl+K,Ctrl+N.

  2. To navigate to the previous bookmark, on the menu bar choose Edit | Bookmarks | Go to Previous Bookmark or press Ctrl+K,Ctrl+P.

  3. To navigate to some particular bookmark, on the menu bar choose Edit | Bookmarks | Show Bookmarks Dialog or press Ctrl+K,Ctrl+W. The Bookmarks dialog opens, where all set bookmarks are listed. Double-click any bookmark to navigate directly to it.

To remove bookmarks

  1. To remove all bookmarks in the current snapshot, open the Bookmarks dialog. Right-click within the dialog, then click Remove all bookmarks in the context menu.

  2. To remove exactly one bookmark, open the Bookmarks dialog. Select the bookmark to be removed, right-click, then click Remove bookmark in the context menu or press Delete.

Last modified: 11 November 2022