dotTrace 2023.3 Help

Study Function Timings

A function can cause performance problems in two possible ways: either it takes too much time to execute or it is called too often. When you find a suspicious function, you can determine which kind of the problem it poses by viewing function properties in the Properties dialog.

To view properties of a function

  1. Select a function in a view.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • From the menu, choose View | Properties.

    • Right-click the function, then click Properties in the context menu.

    • Press Ctrl+Q.

  3. The Properties dialog opens.

The Properties dialog provides a summary of function statistics with respect to the selected function call, to all calls in the current tab and in the whole snapshot.

Function timings 1

The number of columns may vary depending on where you have launched the Properties dialog.

Last modified: 11 November 2022