PyCharm Edu 2017.3 Help

Configuring Python Interpreter for a Project

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PyCharm Edu helps assign a Python interpreter for a project.

Note that PyCharm Edu stores only the interpreter name in the project settings.

Selecting Python interpreter for a project

To configure Python SDK for the current project, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings/Preferences dialog box, and click Project Interpreter page.
  2. Choose SDK from the list of available Python interpreters and virtual environments.

    This list includes:

    • Python interpreters, which reside in standard locations.
    • Virtual environments, which reside under the project folder, or under the folder specified as an environment variable WORKON_HOME.
  3. If the desired interpreter is not in the list, click cogwheel framed, and configure the desired interpreter as described in the section Configuring Available Python Interpreters.
  4. Apply changes.
Last modified: 30 March 2018