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File | Settings | Version Control | Git for Windows and Linux
PyCharm Edu | Preferences | Version Control | Git for macOS
Ctrl+Alt+S settings

Use this page to specify the version control settings that will be applied to the directories of your project that are under Git control.

Path to Git executable In this text box, specify the path to the Git executable file. Type the path manually or click the Browse button browseButton and specify the path in the dialog that opens.
TestClick this button to verify the path to the Git executable file.
SSH executable Use this drop-down list to specify the SSH version to be used with Git. The available options are:
  • Built-in: select this option to use the implementation provided by PyCharm Edu.
  • Native: select this option to use native implementation.

    Note that on some platforms, the use of native ssh implementation may cause hang-up issues. You may need to configure a platform-specific ssh-askpass to receive prompts for passwords.

Execute branch operations on all roots This option only becomes available if you have a multirooted project, i.e. there are several Git repositories within a single project.

Select this option if you want branch operations (such as checkout, merge, etc.) to be applied synchronously to all repositories within your project.

Commit automatically on cherry-pick When you cherry pick a specific commit, the Commit Changes dialog is displayed. If the Commit automatically on cherry-pick option is selected, the selected commit is submitted silently on clicking the cherry-pick button cherryPickButton, without displaying the Commit Changes dialog.
Warn if CRLF line separators are about to be committed Select this option to enable smart handling of LF and CRLF line separators. PyCharm Edu will analyze your configuration, warn you if you are about to commit CRLF into the repository, and suggest changing the core.autocrlf setting to true or input depending on your operating system.

If this option is deselected, you will have to fix issues with line endings manually using the Difference Viewer dialog.

Warn when committing in detached HEAD or during rebase Select this option if you want PyCharm Edu to display a warning when a commit is performed from a detached head or on rebase, as this may cause issues and code loss.
Update method Use this drop-down list to choose the strategy to synchronize your local repository with the remote storage. The selected method will be used when the push operation is rejected (if the Auto-updated if push of the current branch was rejected option is enabled), or when you invoke the Update Project operation.
Auto-update if push of the current branch was rejected Select this checkbox if you want the current branch to be updated automatically if the push operation from the current branch to its tracked branch is rejected.

If this option is deselected, PyCharm Edu will display the Push Rejected dialog when pushing a branch is rejected because your local repository and the remote storage are not synchronized.

Allow force push If this checkbox is selected, the Force push option is added to the Push dialog (as a drop-down option on the Push button).
Protected branches If you have selected the Allow force push option, but want to disable it for certain branches, list them here (this is a team-shared parameter that is stored in .idea/vcs.xml).

You can list several branches separated by a colon, or supply branch patterns as the input is treated as a list of regular expressions.

Last modified: 30 March 2018