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Working with Stepik

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Logging in and out

Stepik is a site for courses in the various fields of science.

First invitation to use Stepik the user gets in the Browse Courses dialog (File | Browse Courses). If the user logs in, he synchronizes his/her course list with Stepik, to be able to see more courses:

pe login to stepik1

In PyCharm Edu the log out stepik/login to stepik icon in the Status Bar indicates whether the user is logged in to Stepik, or not. Click the login to stepik button to log in to Stepik.

When the user logs in to Stepik from PyCharm Edu, he/she gets the request to grant PyCharm Edu some permissions:

pe authorise request

Clicking the Authorize button results in the following:

pe authorise success

After that, the user may return to PyCharm Edu, where he/she sees that icon in the Status Bar has changed to log out stepik.

Synchronizing adaptive courses

To synchronize an adaptive course with Stepik, use the Synchronize Course command of the Project Tool Window context menu. You can do this, for example, when you've fulfilled a task, or got new recommendations in the adaptive course on the web.

pe sync course
Last modified: 30 March 2018

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