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Working with Answer Placeholders

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Answer placeholder is a frame that replaces a part of the original exercise code, where the students will have to write their solutions.

When a placeholder already exists, the context menu command Add Answer Placeholder is replaced with the set of commands which enable editing a placeholder, deleting it, or deleting all answer placeholders.

If a student feels that he/she is unable to solve a problem, he/she may ask for help.

The contents of this page is intended for the educators and for the students.

The following functionality is intended for the educators!

Creating answer placeholders

To create an answer placeholder

  1. Select a fragment of the exercise code to be replaced with some text.
  2. Right-click selection, and on the context menu, choose Add answer placeholder.
  3. In the Add Answer Placeholder dialog box, specify the text that will replace the selected fragment in the student's project.

    Add hints, if necessary.

Editing answer placeholders

To edit an answer placeholder

  1. Place the caret on an answer placeholder to be changed.
  2. On the context menu, choose Edit Answer Placeholder.
  3. Change the task window text and the hints' texts, if necessary.
  4. Click OK when ready.

Deleting answer placeholders

To delete answer placeholders

  1. Place the caret on an answer placeholder to be deleted.
  2. On the context menu, choose Delete Answer Placeholder.

    In the case when all the answer placeholders are not needed any more, choose Delete All Answer Placeholders.

The placeholders are deleted silently.

This action is available for the students only!

Giving up

To obtain an answer

  • On the main menu, choose Help | Fill Answer Placeholders.

All the answer placeholders on the current page are filled in with correct solutions.

Last modified: 23 July 2018

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