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Expand abbreviation with

Use this drop-down box to select the default key to expand Emmet selectors with.

This key will also by default expand Emmet live templates.

Enable XML/HTML Emmet

Select this checkbox to enable Emmet support for XML and HTML. If this checkbox is not selected, complicated abbreviations, such as div.class>ul#list>.item$) and similar, will not work in the editor.

Enable abbreviation preview

Select this checkbox to have PyCharm Edu show a pop-up window with a preview of the entered abbreviation before actually expanding it.

emmet abbreviation preview

Enable automatic URL recognition while wrapping text with <a> tag

  • If this checkbox is cleared and you attempt to wrap an URL address with the <a> tag, PyCharm Edu simply encloses the URL address in <a href=""></a> and positions the cursor inside the double quotes in the href attribute. For example, wrapping will result in <a href="|"></a>:

    emmet recognize url off

  • If this checkbox is selected and you attempt to wrap an URL address with the <a> tag, PyCharm Edu inserts the URL address inside the double quotes as the value of the href attribute and encloses the URL in <a href="<wrapped URL>"></a>. For example, wrapping will result in <a href=""></a>. Moreover, PyCharm Edu highlights the wrapped URL green as a recognized URL:

    emmet recognize url

Add edit point at the end of template

If this checkbox is selected, an editing position adds to the end of an HTML template ($END$);
if this checkbox is not selected, then the new edit point is not added.

Compare the following:

emmet cursor position


In this area, specify the BEM separators for the class names, modifiers and short elements. Refer to the Emmet documentation for details.

Filters enabled by default

In this area, specify which Emmet filters you want to be applied to an expanded abbreviation before it is shown in the editor. Learn more about filters at To have a filter always applied by default, select the checkbox next to it. The available options are:
Last modified: 7 December 2018

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