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PyCharm Edu | Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger for macOS
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Use this page to configure behavior of the Debugger and customize its view.

Common options



Focus application on breakpoint

If this checkbox is selected, on hitting a breakpoint, PyCharm Edu will show the location of this breakpoint in the editor and will attempt to bring its frame to the front.

Show debug window on breakpoint

Is this checkbox is selected, PyCharm Edu activates the Debug Tool Window on hitting a breakpoint.

Hide debug window on process termination

Automatically hide the Debug window when the debugged program terminates.

Scroll execution point to center

If this checkbox is selected, the line with the current execution point will be kept in the middle of the screen.

Remove breakpoint

Select how you want to remove breakpoints:
  • By clicking them with the left mouse button

  • By dragging them to the editor or clicking them with the middle mouse button. In this case, simply clicking a breakpoint will toggle its state between enabled and disabled.

You can also choose whether you want a confirmation dialog to be displayed when you are about to remove a conditional or a logging breakpoint

Data Views



Sort values alphabetically

Select this option to sort the values in the Variables pane of the Debug Tool Window.

Enable auto expressions in Variables view

Select this option if you want the PyCharm Edu debugger to automatically evaluate expressions and show the corresponding values in the Variables pane of the Debug Tool Window.

The debugger analyzes the context near the breakpoint (the current statement, one statement before, and one after). It does so to find various expressions in the source code (if available) such as, for example, myvar.myfield.

If such expressions don't contain explicit method invocations, the debugger evaluates them and shows the corresponding values in the Variables view.




Show values inline

Select this option to enable the Inline Values View feature that allows viewing the values of variables right next to their usage in the editor.

Value tooltips delay (ms)

Specify the delay (in milliseconds) between the moment when the mouse pointer hovers over an object in the Variables pane of the Debug Tool Window, and the moment when a tooltip with the object's value is displayed.

Last modified: 29 June 2019