PyCharm Edu 2018.3 Help

Welcome Screen

PyCharm Edu displays the Welcome screen when no project is opened. From this screen, you can quickly access the main sections of PyCharm Edu. The Welcome screen appears when you close the only opened instance of the project, or you run PyCharm Edu for the first time.

The Welcome screen

Quick start

Use the links of this section to choose which course to start learning or teach, create a new project create a new project, open or or check out a project from version control.

Also, use the drop-down arrows (The drop-down arrow) Configure to configure your working environment, and Get Help to open help topics, tips of the day, and default keymap document.

Finally, from the Welcome page you can start learning Python by choosing the Introduction to Python link. Refer to Learner Start Guide for details.

Recent projects

If you have several projects in PyCharm Edu, you can see a list of these projects in the left pane of the Welcome screen.

Reopen a project

  • Click the project name in the list.

Find a project of interest

  • Start typing the project name.

    pe welcomeScreenRecentProjects

Delete a recent project from the list

Select the project that you want to remove. Press Delete and confirm deletion in the Remove Recent Project dialog. Alternatively, click the Delete icon (close).

Last modified: 29 June 2019