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Working with Hints

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The students that are not sure of themselves may view hints. The hints are created by the educators.

Hints appear in a separate pop-up window.

The contents of this page is intended for the educators and for the students.

The following functionality is intended for the educators!

Creating and deleting hints

To create a hint

  1. Select a fragment of the exercise code to be replaced with some text.

  2. Right-click selection, and on the context menu, choose Add answer placeholder.

  3. In the Add Answer Placeholder dialog box, specify the answer placeholder text.

  4. In the Hints section of the dialog box, type the text that will appear in the student's project in a separate pop-up window.

    If you need to add more hints, click icons general add svg on the toolbar.

To delete a hint from an answer placeholder

  1. In the Add/Edit Answer Placeholder dialog box, use the icons actions forward svg icons actions back svg buttons to navigate to an extraneous hint.

  2. Click icons general remove svg.

Editing hints

The hint appears in a dedicated pop-up frame that features a toolbar with the following buttons:

icons actions forward svgicons actions back svgicons actions edit svg.

To edit a hint, do one of the following

  • Edit an answer placeholder, and change hints as required.

  • Place the caret to a placeholder of interest, then in the Task Description tool window click icons actions intentionBulb svg, navigate to the desired hint and click icons actions edit svg.

This action is available for the students only!

Viewing hints

To view hints

  1. Place the caret to an answer placeholder you want to get information for.

  2. In the Task Description tool window, click icons actions intentionBulb svg button.

Last modified: 29 June 2019

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