PyCharm Edu 3.5 Help

Navigating Between Open Files and Tool Windows

PyCharm Edu suggests a handy way to switch between files opened in the editor, split editor tabs, and tool windows (docked or floating). This is similar to the application switchers in the various operating systems. The switcher consists of two columns: the left one displays the list of tool windows, while the right one displays the list of files currently opened in the editor.


To switch between open files and tool windows

  1. Press Ctrl+Tab.
  2. Keeping the first key (Ctrl on Windows/Linux or on OSX) pressed, use the following keys:
    • Left and Right to switch between the lists of tool windows and open editor tabs.
    • Up and Down arrow keys, Tab or Shift+Tab to go up and down the list in both panes.
    • Delete or Backspace to close the editor tab where the selected file is opened and delete the selected file from the list.
  3. Having selected the desired file or tool window, release the Ctrl key. The corresponding file or tool window gets the focus, and the switcher pop-up window disappears.

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Last modified: 5 July 2017