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Adding Plugins to Enterprise Repositories

To be available to PyCharm users, all enterprise repository plugins must be listed in the file updatePlugins.xml along with their URLs and version numbers. This file must be available at the URL specified for the corresponding repository (see Managing Enterprise Plugin Repositories).

The plugins themselves are identified by their individual URLs and thus may be located on different Web servers.

To add a plugin to an enterprise plugin repository

  1. Upload your plugin JAR onto a Web server.
  2. Add the plugin definition to updatePlugins.xml. If this file doesn't yet exist, create it at the location corresponding to the repository URL.

    The plugin definition in updatePlugins.xml may look similar to this:

    <plugins> ... <plugin id="MyPlugin" url="" version="1.0"/> ... </plugins>
  3. To publish a new version of the same plugin, upload the corresponding plugin JAR to the repository, and change the value of the version attribute in the plugin definition.

DTD for updatePlugins.xml

The file updatePlugins.xml must correspond to the following Document Type Definition (DTD):

<!DOCTYPE plugins [ <!ELEMENT plugins(plugin)*> <!ELEMENT plugin (#PCDATA)> <!ATTLIST plugin id CDATA #REQUIRED url DATA #REQUIRED version CDATA #REQUIRED>]>

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Last modified: 20 April 2016