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Project Structure Dialog

File | Settings | Project Structure for Windows/Linux
PyCharm | Preferences | Project Structure for OS X

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Projects pane

ProjectsThis pane displays the list of projects, opened in the same window. The first project in the list is the primary project.

This pane is not shown, if there is only one open project.

Project Structure

Use this pane to configure content roots for each of the projects opened in the same window.

Configure content roots

rootSource Sources Mark a folder as a source root. Such folder displays in the list of source roots.

If a folder is marked as a source root, it will be added to PYTHONPATH, and resolve will be performed against it.

This command is duplicated on the context menu of a content root.

rootExcluded Excluded Mark a folder as an excluded root.

Excluded roots are not visible to PyCharm. Usually, one would like to exclude temporary build folders, generated output, logs, and other project output. Excluding the unnecessary paths is a good way to significantly improve performance.

This command is duplicated on the context menu of a content root.

template_folder_iconTemplates Mark a folder as a template root, where all the directories, containing templates in the supported template languages, are stored.

This command is duplicated on the context menu of a content root.

rootResourceIJResourcesClick this button to mark a folder as a resource root, for the static contents such as CSS or JavaScript files.

Add/remove content roots

addRoot Add Content Root Add a new root to the content roots. Click the button and navigate to the desired folder in the dialog that opens.
rootRemove Remove Content Entry Delete selected content root from the project.
rootUnmark UnmarkRemove marking of a content root and denote it with a regular directory icon directory.png.

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Last modified: 20 April 2016