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Pull Changes Dialog

VCS | Git | Pull Changes

Use this dialog box to specify parameters for fetching changes from a remote repository and applying them to a local repository.

Git RootFrom this drop-down list, select the path to the local repository which you want to refresh.
Current BranchThis read-only field shows the name of the branch which is currently checked out in the selected local repository. The changes retrieved from the source remote repository will be applied to the displayed branch.

The contents of the field depend on the selection in the Git Root drop-down list.

RemoteFrom this drop-down list, select the alias of the source remote repository.
Get Branches
Click this button to have the Branches to Merge list box display the actual list of branches in the source remote repository.
Branches to MergeUse this list box to specify the branches to which you want to apply the fetched changes.
StrategyFrom this drop-down list, select the merge strategy. The available options are:
  • Default
  • Resolve - select this option if you need to resolve two HEADs, one of which is the current branch and the other HEAD is the branch from which you pulled changes. When this option is selected, the 3-way merge algorithm is applied.
  • Recursive - the default merge strategy for pulling one branch. Select this option if you need to resolve two HEADs by applying the 3-way merge algorithm and there are more than one common ancestor that can be used for 3-way merge.
  • Octopus - the default merge strategy for pulling more than one branch.

    Merges that require resolving conflicts manually are not performed.

  • Ours - select this option if you need to supersede old development history of side branches. By applying this strategy any number of HEADs can be resolved but the result of the merge is always the HEAD of the current branch.
  • Subtree - a modified recursive strategy.
No CommitSelect this check box if you need to inspect and, if necessary, adjust the result of merging the fetched data before committing the result. The merge is performed but is not committed automatically, as if it failed.
No Fast ForwardSelect this check box to generate a merge commit even if the merge resolved as a fast-forward.
Squash CommitSelect this check box to create a single commit on top of the current branch instead of merging one or more other branches. The working tree and index state are produced as if a real merge happened, but commit is not performed and the HEAD is not moved.
Add Log InformationSelect this check box to have PyCharm populate, in addition to branch names, a log message with one-line descriptions from the actual commits that are being merged.
PullClick this button to initiate fetching changes from the specified remote repository and applying them locally according to the defined settings.

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Last modified: 20 April 2016