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Rename Refactorings

Rename refactorings allow you to rename symbols , automatically correcting all references in the code.

The following rename refactorings are available in PyCharm:

  • Rename Class. The following usages are renamed:
    • Import statements
    • Qualified names of classes
  • Rename Method. The following usages are renamed:
    • All calls of the method.
    • All overridden/implemented methods in subclasses.
  • Rename Field.
  • Rename Function.
  • Rename Variable.
  • Rename Parameter. The following usages are renamed:
    • All usages of the parameter.
    • The corresponding param tag in documentation comment.
  • Rename CSS color value.
  • Rename File.
  • Rename Directory.

Example 1

Renaming method
def was_published_today(self): return () == }
def published_today(self): return () == }

Example 2

Rename a template:


So doing, the following usages will be renamed:


To rename a symbol, follow these general steps

  1. Select the item to be renamed.
    • To select a file, click the desired file in the Project tool window.
    • To select a symbol in the editor, place the caret at the name of the symbol to be renamed.
    • To select a symbol in the Project tool window, make sure that the members are shown, and then click the desired symbol.
    • To select a symbol in the Structure view, click the desired symbol in the Structure tool window.
  2. Choose Refactor | Rename on the main menu or on the context menu, or press Shift+F6.
  3. The subsequent behavior depends on the check box Enable in-place mode ( Settings | Editor ).
    • If this check box is selected, the suggested name appears right below the symbol in question. You can either accept suggestion, or type a new name. However, if you press Shift+F6 once more, PyCharm will display the Rename dialog box with more options.
    • If this check box is not selected, the Rename dialog box opens immediately.

    The set of controls and their names depend on the type of the symbol to be renamed.

  4. Preview and apply changes.

Important notes

  • Local variables are renamed in-place:

    To be able to use the Rename dialog when renaming local variables, you should disable in-place refactoring in the editor settings.

  • When renaming Gherkin steps, mind the following limitations:
    • Step definitions should not contain regular expressions
    • Step names should not contain non-alpha numeric characters.
    • A step definition should be only one in various frameworks.
    • There should be a "one-to-one" mapping between a step and a step definition.

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Last modified: 20 April 2016